Minor subjects

As stated in the module manual, the Bachelor's programme includes one module in a non-psychological elective subject. This is colloquially referred to as a minor subject.  If you notice discrepancies between the range of courses listed in the module manual and the courses that can actually be selected, please contact Dr. Busch so that we can keep the information up to date.

When to take the minor subject

Please note that the minor subject lectures may overlap with the psychology lectures in individual cases. The failure rates in the minor subjects’ exams vary. Bare that in mind when planning your course of studies and deciding when to take your minor subject. You do not necessarily have to stick to the module plan. You can get more information from the student advisory service and the student council.


Non-psychological elective subject "Unternehmerisches Denken"

In the summer semester 2021, the elective module "Unternehmerisches Denken" can be chosen for the first time. More information can be found at spirit.uni-trier.de/lehrangebot/spirit-basic

Non-psychological elective module VWL

The subject VWL is unable to offer the course "VWL für Externe" in the Bachelor's programme Psychology in the coming semesters due to a considerable capacity overrun. Students with an interest in economics who want to choose VWL as a non-psychology compulsory elective subject should instead attend the courses "Grundzüge der VWL I und II" (Basic Principles of VWL I and II), which cover the same subject areas and are also free to enter. A total of 10 LP is awarded in these courses.

Non-psychological elective module “Introduction to Physiology and Genetics”.

The Department of Clinical Psychophysiology offers the one-semester non-psychology elective module “Introduction to Physiology and Genetics” (Module R1 (PO 2012) / Module U1.1 (PO 2020) with a focus on physiology each summer semester.

The module consists of the lecture “Physiology for Psychologists” and the seminar “Peripheral Psychophysiology”. Capacity is limited to 24 students per semester. Registration is done through PORTA. For more information, see the Module Handbook and Clinical Psychophysiologe – Teaching in the Bachelor’s Degree level.

Non-psychological elective module U2 “Fundamentals of Medicine and Pharmacology in Psychotherapy”.

The Department of Clinical Psychophysology of the Research Institute of Psychobiology offers the module U2 “Fundamentals of Medicine and Pharmacology” in the Bachelor’s program in Psychology (PO 2020) since the winter semester 2022/23. Until summer semester 2024 it can be taken as R1 module within the PO 2012.

In order to fulfill the requirements for admission to a Master’s program leading to licensure as a “psychotherapist” according to the German Psychotherapist Regulation Act (“PsychThGAusbRefG”), this module must be taken in the Bachelor’s program.


The module consists of the lectures "Fundamentals of Medicine” and “Fundamentals of Pharmacology”. The lecture "Fundamentals of Medicine” is offered in the winter semester. The lecture “Fundamentals of Pharmacology” is offered in the summer semester.

Please refer to PORTA or Clinical Psychophysiology – Teaching in the Bachelor’s Degree for information on the respective course offerings. The module exam is offered each semester.