Our Department

We have around 14,000 students at the university of Trier and around 1000 of these students study psychology. With 13 departments we are one of the largest psychological institutions in Germany. Our research has three main focal points; the psychobiology of stress, psychotherapy and the development of competence. These research areas are explored through lots of further individual projects and through both national and international cooperation.

Numerous faculty and affiliated institutes contribute to combining research and practice at a high level in our degree programs. These facilities include our comprehensive test library, the Research Centre for Psychobiology and Psychosomatics, the Outpatient Clinical Psychotherapy Clinic for Training, Teaching and Research (PALF), our Psychophysiological Laboratory, and the Leibniz Centre for Psychological Information and Documentation (ZPID).

Trier Psychology has its own institute building (Building D), which houses the lecture hall, seminar rooms and specialist reading room as well as the specialist departments and research units and various laboratories. The outpatient clinic for psychotherapy is located in another building.