Transcripts of records

In the past, it was common for students to prove successful participation in courses by means of certificates. (Experts referred to this as "Scheinstudium"). This is no longer necessary today, as seminar credits are entered in the PORTA examination administration. You can view your grades in PORTA at any time and have the University Examination Office issue you with an official list of your course achievements, e.g. if you want to end your studies early or transfer to another university.

However, the booking of seminar grades or the confirmation of successful participation in seminars in PORTA can only be entered by the lecturers or the departmental secretariats if the students actively register in the PORTA examination administration. This must be done for all seminars within the registration period for which they would like to have a grade (e.g. for a presentation or a term paper) or successful participation booked.

The manual registration for the examination performance by the students is therefore a mandatory prerequisite for the booking of the grade or the successful participation.

It is not legally or technically possible for lecturers or secretaries to register students, nor is it possible to remind students individually to register. Usually, the lecturers will inform the students in the courses.

Please note:
Without timely registration, your grade or your successful participation in the seminar cannot be booked and a subsequent booking cannot be made! 


Certificates for lecture attendance:

Since attendance at lectures is not compulsory and is not monitored, we are in no position to issue you with ungraded attendance certificates for lectures. You can prove the successful attendance of a lecture by passing the corresponding module final exam or oral exam, for which you will receive a certificate of achievement upon request.