What students think...

Tabita and Anna:
Psychology is very important at the University of Trier; it has its own building - with a library, lecture hall, seminar rooms, laboratories and computer pool - is a clear sign of this. Especially for the beginning of your studies this is great, because our “White House"; is a good place to meet your fellow students, exchange ideas and overcome obstacles together. The frequent meetings on campus ensure a quick start into university life. You quickly feel at home. This is particularly important because the vast majority of students do not come from Trier.

In Trier, the cooperation between lecturers and students and the commitment on both sides is particularly noteworthy. Our student council, the student representation, is doing a good job in this respect. The number of students active in the student council is high; we have an unusually large say in the subject. We also organise events such as the weekend for first years in the Eifel, the & ”Psychokino"; (where psychologically interesting films are shown and discussed) and legendary parties. The fact that the cooperation with the lecturers runs quite smoothly is also due to the fact that the student council repeatedly invites to a “round table";, which is an informal exchange opportunity between lecturers and students.

Psychology at the University of Trier offers a broad professional education. Good links between the individual departments provide an insight into the most diverse areas of research and applied psychology, so that a suitable focus can be found. Through programmes and organisations such as ERASMUS (Trier has 30 exchange places at different European universities from Sweden to Portugal) or EFPSA (a platform for exchange among European psychology students) international experience can be gained, which can lead to important connections and acquaintanceships for further (professional) life. During and after your studies, there are opportunities to gain further qualifications, for example in the areas of coaching or psychotherapy.