Description of tracks

Clinical psychology, health psychology, psychotherapy research

The track Clinical Psychology deals with mental disorders, their development, diagnosis and treatment. Other focal points are psychotherapy research (who changes when, how and why in psychotherapy), as well as health psychology (intrapersonal and social factors that maintain health). Central topics are psychotherapy research, relaxation procedures and mental disorders.

Competence development in the life course

Competences are the cognitive, motivational and social prerequisites for successful action in school and at work as well as in social relationships in general. They develop in interaction with the environment over the entire lifespan. The track deals with the diagnosis, development and promotion of competences. Central topics are giftedness, developmental tasks, learning and teaching as well as the promotion of competences.

Work, organisational and applied social psychology

Successful decision-making and action in business and organisations requires psychological concepts and methods that are scientifically well-founded and can also be applied sustainably in practice. The track imparts these competences in its events and in cooperation with practice. Central topics are personnel development, group work, diversity, marketing, leadership, stress and health.

Psychobiology, neuropsychology, behavioural medicine

Theoretical concepts from neuroscience and psychobiology are relevant for understanding health disorders and physiological diseases. Concepts, methods and action competences for diagnostics and intervention in working fields of psychobiology, behavioural medicine and neuropsychology are taught. Central topics are psychoneuroimmunology and -endocrinology, psychopharmacology and neuropsychology.

Cognition, emotion, behaviour

What are the foundations of thinking, acting and feeling in humans and how can these foundations be used to develop new methods in different fields of practice? These questions are addressed in the track and evaluated with regard to their implementation for professional activities. Central topics are action control, emotion regulation and intelligence.

More detailed information on the respective tracks in the Master's programme can be found in the module manual.