Seminar registration winter 2023/2024

In order to obtain seminar places in the B.Sc./M.Sc. Psychology for the winter semester 2023/2024, you must enter your seminar preferences in the PROZA seminar system in the fourth and third last week before the start of the lecture period (25.09.2023 - 08.10.2023). Instructions and the access link can be found below.


Master’s programme

A general Master's programme in Psychology is offered in Trier. A Master's programme in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, which leads to a licence to practise
psychotherapy, is currently being prepared in Trier and will be offered in addition to the general Master's programme in Psychology in the future.

The general Master's programme in Psychology leads students to a degree that qualifies them for independent and autonomous work as a psychologist (M.Sc.) in four semesters. From a broad range of courses, students choose focal points according to their interests, which are studied in depth and enable them to form an individual profile.
The structure of the degree programme is based on the standards of the German Society for Psychology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie - DGPs).
A completed Master's degree is a prerequisite for training as a psychological psychotherapist and many other professional fields in psychology.

The Trier Master's Programme in Psychology is characterised by the fact that you can take courses in several content-related tracks and thus position yourself broadly in terms of content. The following tracks are currently offered:

  • Competence development in the life course
  • Clinical psychology, health psychology, psychotherapy research
  • Cognition, emotion, behaviour
  • Psychobiology, neuropsychology, behavioural medicine
  • Work, organisational and applied social psychology

As part of the Master's programme, students take three research-oriented modules (FOV modules) from three different tracks and two project-oriented modules (POV modules) from one or two tracks. As students do not need to commit to the tracks at the beginning of their studies, there may not be as many spots in individual tracks as you would like in some semesters due to random fluctuations. We are therefore unfortunately unable to guarantee you seminar spots in certain tracks. Please note the information on the seminar allocation system PROZA, through which the seminar spots in our degree programmes are distributed according to fair criteria, while taking your preferences into account as much as possible.

General information on studying psychology at the University of Trier can be found here. You will find a video that gives you an impression of Trier psychology, contact persons for various questions as well as information about the university and the city.