Minor subjects

As stated in the module manual, the Master's programme includes one module in a non-psychological elective subject. This is colloquially referred to as a minor subject. The listing of possible minor subjects in the module manual is partly out of date, as other subjects have changed their study programmes since our module manual was created.

On this page you will always find the latest changes or information on the non-psychological elective modules offered.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! IN WS 20/21 the non-psychological module “Behavioural Genetics” cannot be offered due to the current staff situation in the Department of Behavioural Genetics. Lecture, seminar and practical course will be postponed to SS 2021.

If you notice discrepancies between the courses offered in the module manual and the courses that can actually be selected, please contact Dr. Petra Hank so that we can keep the information up to date.