The Art of Light: Commemorating East Germany's Peaceful Revolution. Presentation by Jürgen Meier, Artistic Director of the Leipzig Light Festivals of 2009 and 2010

The Monday demonstrations in Leipzig in the autumn of 1989 were key events in East Germany's peaceful revolution which ultimately led to the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. The demonstrations began at the Leipzig Nikolaikirche (Church of St Nicholas) in September 1989 and grew to become major protests in October. In 2009, the twentieth anniversary of the demonstrations was commemorated on 9 October in the form of a Light Festival ─ a multimedial urban event which networked key areas of the city and the participating citizens of Leipzig. A second Light Festival took place in Leipzig on 9 October 2010 to commemorate German reunification.

Jürgen Meier, light artist and director of the Light Festivals of 2009/2010, will report on the history behind this contemporary urban event which aimed to celebrate the experience of the peaceful revolution for those who participated and also to commemorate it for the new generation of East Germans who have grown up since the historic changes of 1989.

Thursday, 28 October, 19.30: Hörsaal 10, Gebäude E (Building E, University Campus I)