Mr Alp Levent Akbulut

Degree: BSc (Leeds), MA (SOAS)

Levent Akbulut, is an experienced EAP lecturer from London. He holds a Masters in Linguistics from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He is especially interested in historical linguistics, autodidactic language learning, and multilingualism. He is himself a keen language-hobbyist and has studied a number of languages including Classical Sanskrit, German, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, and Japanese. He has several years of experience working at English-medium universities in different countries as an English Lecturer, including Saudi Arabia and more recently at two different Sino-British Universities in China. In addition to his passion for languages and language teaching, Levent is very interested in the sciences and social justice issues. He has a bachelor’s in chemistry from the University of Leeds and worked in the NGO sector for a few years in London prior to pursuing his Masters.