Stay abroad

Participants in the Sinology Bachelor's programme are strongly recommended to spend a year in China in order to deepen the knowledge of the country and language they have already acquired. This is to be arranged by the students themselves, but is supported organisationally by the department and should take place after the 4th semester.

Studying or doing an internship abroad is advantageous for both majors and minors and can (if eligible) be (co-)financed through BAföG abroad, but also through scholarships, e.g. from the DAAD, one of the partner universities of Trier Sinology or the Confucius Institute Trier.


We advise all students to apply for a leave of absence at the administration beforehand so that no administrative disadvantages arise due to the interruption of studies in Germany.


Although the Master's programme does not include a semester abroad, it can be useful and supported if there is a corresponding need for research. (Please be sure to consult with the supervisor of the thesis).

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