Bachelor "Modern China-Studies"

The subject Sinology can be studied in Trier as part of a Bachelor's programme as a major or minor subject (two-subject programme with certain combination options). Our Bachelor's degree is entitled "Modern China Studies", i.e. its focus is on contemporary China.

The focus is on training in the modern Chinese high level language. This is supplemented by broad background knowledge on historical, regional and cultural topics. The main subject study is completed in the 6th semester with a written examination paper.

The Bachelor's programme "Modern Chinese Studies" in the major subject includes the following modules (course units consisting of at least two courses):

  •     Modern Chinese I-IV
  •     Fundamentals of Chinese Studies
  •     Modern history and regional studies of China
  •     Introduction to Chinese Linguistics and Literature
  •     Chinese intellectual and cultural history
  •     Intercultural Competence
  •     Media and China
  •     Modern China

The following modules must be completed in the minor subject:

  •     Study Accompanying Foreign Languages Modern Chinese I-IV
  •     History of China
  •     Modern Chinese Literature
  •     State, Culture and Society of China
  •     Selected Aspects of Modern Chinese Studies

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Masters "China - Culture and Communication"

The core subject programme (single-subject programme) "China - Culture and Communication" is a consecutive Master's programme lasting 4 semesters. It includes in-depth training in modern High Chinese, taking into account the current state of research in the field of modern Chinese linguistics. In addition, students acquire basic skills in classical Chinese and are thus enabled to understand both classical sources and elevated modern texts with classical elements.

On this basis, students will be able to scientifically examine, classify and evaluate intellectual debates and discourses in modern China, taking into account the development of intellectual history and the history of ideas. In addition to this, a sound theoretical knowledge in the field of intercultural communication as well as practical intercultural competences for international cooperation are taught.

The core subject programme "China - Culture and Communication" includes the following modules:

  •     Advanced Chinese I and II
  •     Classical Chinese I and II
  •     Modern Chinese Linguistics
  •     Central aspects of Chinese intellectual history
  •     Intellectual conflicts and social change in 20th and 21st century China
  •     Confucianism yesterday and today
  •     Intercultural Communication

It is also possible to take the Master's programme "China - Culture and Communication" as a minor subject within the framework of a two-subject programme. In this case, the module programme is as follows:

  •     Modern Chinese for advanced students in minor subject I and II
  •     Modern Chinese Linguistics
  •     Intercultural Communication

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