Lecture at the National Taiwan Normal University (國立台灣師範大學)

On 22 November 2022, Dr. Fliß met for a scientific interchange with Prof. Li Bi-chhin 呂美親 from the Institute of Taiwanese Culture, Languages and Literature at the National Taiwan Normal University. Dr. Fliß then gave a lecture in Taiwanese to students of this subject on the topic of "Differences and similarities between Taiwanese and German proverbs". With the help of proverbs from both languages, cultural differences and similarities were made clear to the students, the understanding of which is of great importance both for personal encounters and for translations into the other language.



Prof. Li Bi-chhin next to Dr. Fliß
Prof. Li Bi-chhin and Dr. Fliß during their meeting before Dr.Fliss's lecture at the National Taiwan Normal University.