National Museum of Taiwan Literature 2022

On 30 November 2022, Dr Fliß visited the National Museum of Taiwan Literature (國立臺灣文學博物館) and met with the museum director Prof. Nikki Lin (Lin Jinli 林巾力) and her colleagues. Prof. Lin and her colleague Lin Pei-Jung 林佩蓉 presented the museum's latest book publication, a picture book for children with Taiwanese poems, and Dr Fliß introduced them to the TAP project. Together they exchanged ideas about future cooperation, for example in the form of exhibitions in Germany on Taiwanese literature and translation cooperation.

Group picture with Dr. Fliß
Museum director Nikki Lin (middle) and Dr. Fliß together with Chang Yung-Chen 張詠宸, Sam Chee Chiun 覃子君 and Lin Pei-Jung 林佩蓉 (f. l.)