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In recent decades, the economic, geopolitical and cultural role of the People's Republic of China in the world has become increasingly prominent. At the same time, Taiwan is also increasingly coming into focus. The People's Republic is a fascinating, but also a challenging country with an increasingly restrictive political system and a multifaceted, dynamic society. All the more urgently, we need people who have a comprehensive and deep understanding of the Chinese cultural area with its rich tradition.

The subject of Sinology offers the key to such an understanding - a systematic and comprehensive study of language, culture, society and state. A special concern of research and teaching in Chinese studies at the University of Trier is to show the changes and continuities of Chinese culture and society in the field of tension between tradition and modernity. Together we want to explore the specific characteristics of an ancient civilization as well as the detours and also ruptures in the development towards a modern society.



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Pupil's Project "China Pictures in Motion"


Joint project: Taiwan as a Pioneer (TAP) - Local Innovation in the Dynamics of Global Megatrends

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All important information about the project can be found here.

The current press release of the university regarding the project can be foundhere.

Research Project: China Spectrum - Analysing Intra-Chinese Debates

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Joint project with the Berlin think tank MERICS on inner-Chinese debates funded by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. All information on the project can be found here.