Final Thesises

Completed Bachelor Thesises

  • "Gender Roles in Chinese Advertising. A Content Analysis of Chinese Commercials", Rebekka Cordes, 2012.
  • "The development of Chinese engagement in Angola since 2012. What goals and strategies are the actors in both states pursuing?", Bastian Lindenbauer, 2015
  • "Vocational education and training in China - problems and challenges", Friederike Langkammerer, 2019
  • "The New Smart City in China. An innovative concept of urban development", Galileo Seitz-McIntyre, 2021
  • "Impact of Social Inequality on Access to Education in China", Eloïse Chennaux, 2021

Completed Master Thesises

Dissertations (ongoing)

  • "The Formation and the Nature of the Taiwanese Identity", Mayya Solonina
  • "Moral Fictionalism in Early Confucianism", Tim Dressler
  • "China's Propaganda 2.0", Manlai Nyamdorj
  • "Development and Reflection of Wei Liaoweng's Neo-Confucianism", Li Dian

Dissertations (completed)

  • "Internet Perception in the PR China. Development, Impact and Potentials of a Global Medium from a Chinese Perspective", Jan Goldenstein, 2011