Meeting with TAP travel fellows , 22.11.2022

On Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Dr. Perkuhn and Dr. Fliß met with the three travel fellows for networking in Taipei and went together to the traditional Mala Hot Pot dinner in Guting. During the evening, the fellows were able to network with each other for the first time and discuss their research progress and further goals in a casual atmosphere with the TAP team present.

Group Picture of Fliss, Perkuhn and travel fellows
Meeting with TAP travel fellows

"The program included good support over the entire period, which was available for queries and even on site. Special mention should be made of the face-to-face meetings in Taipei, which were milestones that encouraged exchange and guided progress." (From the research trip report of Hassan Al-Said, [German, translation by TAP Team] 02/15/2023 )