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Bachelor Business Administration

We are looking forward to starting the new semester together with you. There are the following points to consider to ensure a smooth start. You will find the most important on this page.

We wish you a good start into your new phase of life!

Still questions? Maybe you will find the answers here:

Dr. Andrea Buchberger (Business Administration Student Advisory Service)

Information on the Bachelor's degree program in Business Administration

Freshman Info

  • Orientation event for first-year students before the start of the semester:
    Wednesday, 16-10-2023, from 09:00 - 10:00 a.m. in HS 5.
  • Start of lectures: Monday, 23-10-2023
  • Event "Integrated Introduction (14302600)": Please note that the registration deadline is already 18-10-2023.
  • Please register in PORTA in the following event:
    Event number 14202608 ("Introductory event Bachelor Business Administration").
    With this registration you will automatically be transferred as a participant to Stud.IP, our teaching and learning platform (with up to one day delay).
    In the above-mentioned event in Stud.IP you will find various information in a timely manner, such as in 'Files' a list of the lectures to be attended in the first semester for students in the core subject and in the minor subject.

General information

  • Registration for the individual lectures/exercises/tutorials in PORTA is required in order to gain access to the Stud.IP teaching and learning platform. The documents for the courses are posted there by the lecturers.
  • Check the study plan to see which courses are relevant for you in the first semester!
    General information B.Sc. Business Administration(Incl. study plan)
  • Event "Integrated Introduction (14302600)": Please note that the registration deadline is already 18-10-2023.
  • Mandatory are the registrations for the exams at the end of the semester. You can deregister up to 1 week before the respective exam date.


Here you will find the courses for the summer semester 2023 for the specialization:

Business administration majors and specializations (as of 06-02-2023)


Here you will find the events for WISO Integration for the summer semester 2023:

Business Administration

(as of 06-02-2023)