M.Sc. Financial Management

There is no boring Business Administration at Trier University. We attach importance to...

  • Flexibility through a high degree of freedom of choice in the assignment of possible modules
  • Future orientation through the use of modern technologies, such as the robot Pepper
  • Practical relevance through the possibility of integrating internships during the course of study
  • Social and personal competence through studying in groups that are as small as possible
  • Methodological competence through the meaningful and practical use of statistics
  • Broad professional competence through a high variety of possible modules

For this reason, we created the Master's program in Financial Management to provide students with the best possible qualifications for jobs in financial intermediation (banks, fund and investment companies, private equity companies, etc.), in the finance departments of capital market-related companies in industry, trade and services, or in auditing and tax consulting companies as well as consulting firms. The following specializations are offered:

  • Finance A and B
  • Finance C and D
  • Business taxation and tax consulting
  • Accounting and auditing
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Important information at the beginning of the semester

For Freshmen:

First semester info winter semester 2023/24 (as of 16.8.2023)

► Timetable for the basic module (Grundlagenmoduul, GLM) and performances specializations (information follows)

General information on the basic module (as of 16.8.2023)


Important note about the start of the events:

In the first two weeks of lectures (23-10-23 to 03-11-23) only the basic module takes place in the Master of Business Administration and Financial Management. All other modules of the subject Business Administration will only start in the third week of lectures from 06-11-2023.


Further information:

Information on the Master's program in Business Administration

ERASMUS+ (Bachelor 3. Semester und Master 1. Semester)

Subject-specific foreign language training (FFA, Bachelor)

Study plan

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In the module descriptions, you will find explanations of the content of the modules that are specified in the examination regulations (e.g. learning objectives and competencies to be acquired).
Modulhandbuch Financial Management (1F, 2021)


Hinweis: Bitte immer in der Zeile, wo das Modul (Bspw. BA4BWL4001) angegeben ist auf der rechten Seite auf das Lupen-Symbol klicken!

Wahlmodule können gemäß Anhang 1.3 der Fachprüfungsordnung M.Sc. Financial Management (2021) belegt werden.

Fachprüfungsordnung M.Sc. Financial Management (2021)

Übersicht der belegbaren Master-Exportmodule aus dem freien Wahlbereich (alle Fachbereiche)


Starting with the winter semester 2015/16, we offer the possibility to take modules from specializations in certain combinations. The following specialization designations will be added to the certificate if the following specializations have been chosen:

  • Accounting & Taxation if the two specializations "Business Taxation and Tax Consulting" and "Accounting and Auditing" are chosen.
  • Finance if the two specializations "Finance A and B" and "Finance C and D" are chosen
  • Marketing and Retailing with the choice of the two specializations "Business and Services Marketing" and "Retailing and International Marketing-Management".
    Attention: With the retirement of Prof. Rolf Weiber on March 31, 2023, this specialization can no longer be taken until further notice! The addition "General Business Administration" will be added to the certificate.
  • Organization and Corporate Management when choosing the two specializations "Strategy and Innovation" and "Personnel and Organization".