B.Sc. Business Administration

There is no boring Business Administration at Trier University. We attach importance to...

  • Flexibility through a high degree of freedom of choice in the assignment of possible modules
  • Future orientation through the use of modern technologies, such as the robot Pepper
  • Practical relevance through the possibility of integrating internships during the course of study
  • Social and personal competence through studying in groups that are as small as possible
  • Methodological competence through the meaningful and practical use of statistics
  • Broad professional competence through a high variety of possible modules
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"Business Administration at the University of Trier was a valuable experience for me, as it was possible for me to grow beyond myself through the high-quality teaching in the program and to follow my individual path through the flexible range of modules. I would definitely choose Trier University again!"


Ariharan Arulanantham, Graduated 2023


In the module descriptions, you will find explanations of the content of the modules that are specified in the examination regulations (e.g. learning objectives and competencies to be acquired).

Module Manual Bachelor (1F) Business Administration (2022)

Module Manual Bachelor (1F) Business Administration (2018)


Note: Please always click on the magnifying glass symbol on the right side in the line where the module (e.g. BA4BWL4001) is indicated!

Wahlmodule können gemäß Anhang 1.3 der Fachprüfungsordnung B.Sc. BWL (KF/2022) belegt werden.

Examination Regulations B.Sc. Business Administration (KF/2022)

Overview of the Bachelor export modules that can be taken from the free elective area (all departments)

Study Plan Start Winter Semester

[Translate to Englisch:] Studienverlaufsplan Start Wintersemester

Study Plan Start Summer Semester

[Translate to Englisch:] Studienverlaufsplan Start Sommersemester

Admission Restrictions

Admission restrictions

  • None

Language Restrictions

  • None

Other Restrictions (not demonstrable)

  • Mathematics skills at high school graduation level
  • Media competence

Demonstration of knowledge

  • Knowledge that has to be demonstrated at the beginning of the study program (usually via the Abitur certificate) is checked by the Student Secretariat during the application/enrollment process and only admits applicants to the study program who can actually prove this knowledge (admission requirements).
  • Knowledge that has to be demonstratd in the course of the studies (e.g. language requirements that do not constitute admission requirements) will be checked by the department at the appropriate time. They can be demonstrated, for example, by successful participation in appropriate (university) courses.
  • The existence of knowledge that is required according to the subject examination regulations is not tested. It is the student's responsibility to acquire any missing knowledge at the university, as it is necessary for successful study.

Admission restrictions are subject to change at each application stage.

Subject Examination Regulations (§2)