Research profiles of the professorships in business administration

This page provides an overview of the research profiles of the 10 professorships in Business Administration. For more information about the research, please refer to the linked page of the respective professorship.

Corporate Finance and Capital Markets

The professorship is headed by Prof. Dr. Axel Adam-Müller (link). Axel Adam-Müller has been working at Trier University since 2007, having previously worked at Lancaster University Management School, the Swedish Institute for Financial Research in Stockholm and the University of Konstanz. His research interests include financial risk management, accounting disclosure and corporate cash holdings. His research has been published in the European Economic Review, the Journal of International Money and Finance, the Journal and Banking and Finance, and the Journal of Futures Markets, among others. (research details)

Banking and Finance

The professorship is headed by Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Rieger (link). The research areas are behavioral finance, behavioral decision theory and financial derivatives. The professorship deals e.g. with questions concerning the improvement of investment advice, cultural differences in time and risk preferences or structured financial products. (research details)

Business Taxation and Corporate Accounting

The professorship is headed by Prof. Dr. Lutz Richter (link). Research projects are International Business Taxation (e.g. effects of European regulations on the German tax system, OECD project on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting), mergers and corporate restructuring as well as tax-induced accounting (tax balance sheet policy, project "E-Balance Sheet") (research details)

Accounting and Auditing

The professorship is headed by Prof. Dr. Matthias Wolz (link). The research of the professorship focuses on the mapping of financial risks as well as the (further) development of efficient methods for the detection of errors and manipulations in the financial reporting of internationally operating companies. (research details)

Marketing and Trade

Head of the professorship is Prof. Dr. Bernhard Swoboda (link). The professorship's research focuses on the management and marketing of retail and consumer goods companies, the management of international companies (e.g. internationalization strategies), and international branding (e.g. corporate branding and corporate reputation management) (research details)

Innovation, Business and Services Marketing

This area is supervised by the former head of the professorship (now retired) Prof. Dr. Rolf Weiber (link). The professorship's research focuses on industrial goods (B-to-B) and services marketing, the impact of the digital economy on companies (electronic business & network economics) as well as the marketing of technological innovations and business relationship management (relationship marketing). The research work of the professorship finds a theoretical foundation especially in information economics (focus: uncertainty) and is subjected to empirical testing using multivariate analysis methods (research details)

Personnel Economics

The head of the professorship is Prof. Laszlo Goerke (link). In their research, the members of the professorship mainly deal with the incentive effects of employment contracts, legal regulations and labor market institutions (e.g. trade unions) as well as their consequences for employees and companies (research details)

Management, Organization, and Human Resources

Head of the professorship is Prof. Dr. Katrin Muehlfeld (link). The professorship's research focuses on decision-making and learning behavior at the individual and group level, organizational theory and behavior (e.g., organizational learning), (international) human resource management, and corporate strategy issues (esp. M&As). (research details)

Corporate Governance

Head of the professorship is Prof. Dr. Jörn Block (link). The main research areas of the professorship are entrepreneurship and SME research, innovation and transformation as well as sustainability (research details).