Competence Center Electronic Business (CEB)

The Competence Center Electronic Business (CEB Uni trier) provides the framework for interdisciplinary research and intensive exchange between science and practice at the interface between people and technology. Digitization and networking are continuously gaining importance for practice. E-business and e-commerce are often only superficially used buzzwords. This obscures the view of fundamental change processes. Established structures are changing under the influence of technological possibilities, innovative business systems are even establishing new markets and industries in individual areas. This change poses great challenges for science and practice. These are the topics we are addressing.

Institute for Institute for Labor Law and Industrial Relations in the EU (IAAEU)

The Institute for Labor Law and Industrial Relations in the European Union ( was established in 1983 as a foundation under public law. It is financed by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The IAAEU is also a scientific institution of the University of Trier and is located in the middle of the Technology Park in the Geozentrum on Campus II of the University. The interdisciplinary research institute has set itself the task of researching labor law and the economic and socio-political framework conditions for labor relations in the European Union.

Research Center for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (FZM)

The Research Center for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (link) at the University of Trier emerged at the beginning of 2020 from the Research Center for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, which was founded in 2016. It is part of the Trier Science Alliance ( and promotes the exchange between the regional economy and the University of Trier.

The goal is to create a transfer and close cooperation between the university and the regional economy. In this way, regional companies and institutions gain an insight into current scientific findings, and students gain an insight into entrepreneurial practice through experienced entrepreneurs and get to know the companies located in the Trier region.

Graduate Center of the University of Trier (GUT)

The offers of the Graduate Center ( are designed to shorten the duration of the doctorate. The GUT offers structured continuing education opportunities in all areas of scientific work. By means of a doctoral curriculum, a university-wide high quality standard is to be ensured. The acquisition of additional qualifications - parallel to the professional training - improves, among other things, the career orientation within the doctoral phase. Long-term goals of the Graduate Center are the development of an international orientation and the increased identification of the doctoral students with the University of Trier and the respective doctoral cohort. The goal of GUT is to develop and implement excellent framework conditions for a speedy and optimally supervised doctorate at the University of Trier.