Screen1900 Member: Friederike Grimm

From 2009 to 2012, Friederike Grimm (born Steurenthaler) studied media and communication plus education at the University of Trier. In her bachelor thesis on films starring Asta Nielsen in Freiburg, Germany, before the First World War, she analyzed cinema advertisements in the local press and described the emergence of the star system at a local example. For her master’s degree she completed communication studies at the Department of Communication Studies and Media Research at LMU Munich. In her master thesis she surveys the psychological effects of a social desirable issue on readers and proves that the so called First-Person effect also appears at sustainability issues, completely independent from the display format.

After internships in market research and marketing communication, Friederike Grimm has been research assistant for the Importing Asta Nielsen Database, in 2017. She is currently doing her PhD research on distribution and exhibition of Asta Nielsen films in Germany and Austria-Hungary before the First World War, in the research project “Asta Nielsen - the International Film Star and the Emergence of the Star System 1911 to 1914”, at the University of Trier.  

Screen1900 Member Friederike Grimm: Publications

Friederike Grimm: »Umweltschutz? Bin ich voll dafür!«. Eine Studie zum First-Person Effekt, dem Einfluss von Fallbeispielen und zu Attributionsfehlern im Kontext der Nachhaltigkeitsthematik. Master thesis. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, 2016. 

Friederike Steurenthaler: Filmstar Asta Nielsen in Freiburger Kinos (1911-1914). Lokale Analyse eines Medienumbruchs. Bachelor thesis. University of Trier, 2012.

Friederike Grimm: Asta Nielsen in der Populärkultur. Parodien der ersten Filmdiva in Zeitschriften, Kino und Theater vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg. In: ffk-journal, no. 6, 2021 (forthcoming).