Screen1900 Member: Martin Loiperdinger

Martin Loiperdinger is Professor emeritus of Media Studies at the University of Trier. From 1993 to 1997 he was Deputy Director of the German Film Institute (DIF). His contributions to film and cinema studies include articles, books, exhibitions, dvds, and television features. With Frank Kessler and Sabine Lenk, he co-edited KINtop, the German yearbook of early cinema, from 1992 to 2006. With them, he has been co-editor of the series KINtop Schriften since 1992, and of the series KINtop. Studies in Early Cinema since 2011. He co-curated the dvds Crazy Cinématographe 1896-1916 (2007) and Screening the Poor 1888-1914 (2011). He edited Celluloid Goes Digital (2003), Travelling Cinema in Europe (2008), and Early Cinema Today. The Art of Programming and Live Performance (2011). With Uli Jung, he co-edited Geschichte des dokumentarischen Films in Deutschland, vol. 1 (2005; Willy Haas Award for the Best Booklength Publication on German Cinema 2006), and Importing Asta Nielsen: The International Film Star in the Making 1910-1914 (2013). Since 2005, he has been conducting the research focus Screen1900 at the University of Trier. Currently, together with Yvonne Zimmermann, he is conducting the research project “Asta Nielsen - the international film star and the emergence of the star system 1910-1914”, and he is curating the Importing Asta Nielsen Database.