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We are happy to inform you about all questions concerning your bachelor and master studies in business administration. Furthermore, we are the best contact point for all minor students. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us during our consultation hours or send us an e-mail.

The team of the Student Advisory Service hopes to be able to help you and wishes you success in your studies of Business Administration at the University of Trier.

Dr. rer. pol. Andrea Buchberger
Dr. rer. pol. Andrea Buchberger
Facility: Fachstudienberatung
Room: C427
Consultation-hour: nach vorheriger Vereinbarung
Tel.: +49 651 201-2632
Fax: +49 651 201-3859

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Bachelor Business Administration

Do I need a minimum grade in the Abitur to be able to study Business Administration in the Bachelor's program at the University of Trier?

  • The program is currently not subject to an admission restriction. A minimum grade is not required (as of September 2022).

Do I need foreign language skills for my bachelor's degree?

  • Good foreign language skills in English are taken for granted in business studies. The Language Center of Trier University offers language courses for all students of the university. The subject BWL offers all students a subject-specific foreign language training (FFA) in English and Chinese. Useful link:
    FFA page of the faculty IV of the University of Trier

Are pre-requisite courses offered as preparation?

  • The subject of business administration does not offer any preparing courses such as mathematics.

Are there any internships scheduled during the course of study?

  • The examination regulations do not provide for mandatory internships. Nevertheless, internships are important to get a first insight into the future working world. Students organize their internships themselves. Often professors inform about offers by means of a notice, the student secretariat supports the organization, e.g. when applying for a semester off.

Master Business Administration and Financial Management

Is it possible to enroll in a Master's program even though I have not yet completed my Bachelor's degree?

  • Yes
  • However, according to the General Examination Regulations for Master's degree programs, you must have completed at least 150 ECTS in your Bachelor's degree program at the time of application (as of September 2022).

Can I apply for a Master's program in Business Administration with any Bachelor's degree?

  • No
  • A bachelor's degree with a total of at least 180 ECTS in business administration, economics or economics is required.
  • An application is also possible with a Bachelor's degree in a subject with an economic orientation (such as business mathematics, business informatics, business law...) or with a minor in business administration, economics or economics, provided that at least 40 ECTS in economic subjects can be proven.

Which subjects are counted as economics subjects?

  • All subjects from the field of
    Business administration (e.g. general business administration, controlling, marketing, accounting, human resources...) and
    Economics (e.g. general economics, labor economics...)

Do I have to complete my bachelor's degree with a certain grade in order to take up a master's program in 'Business Administration' or 'Financial Management'?

  • Ja
  • In principle, enrollment is possible with a Bachelor's average grade of 2.0 according to § 2 para. 1 Subject Examination Regulations (as of September 2022)
  • If your bachelor's average grade is in the range of 2.1 to 2.7, enrollment is possible if you can prove 20 ECTS in methodological subjects.

Which subjects count as methodological subjects?

  • These include, for example, mathematics, statistics, empirical social research, econometrics, game theory, decision theory... - due to the variety of terms on degree certificates, there cannot be an exhaustive list.

Can I improve my bachelor's average grade by waiting?

  • No
  • The average grade of your Bachelor's degree will not be improved by a waiting period.