"Gateways to the World 2023" lecture series, Trier session: From Formosa: Modern Poetry in Taiwan / 來自東方的福爾摩莎:台灣現代詩歌

On June 2nd the renowned Taiwanese poet Xiang Yang (向陽) gave an online lecture about the development of Taiwanese literature and his own poetry in the online workshop “From Formosa: Modern Poetry in Taiwan” (來自東方的福爾摩莎:台灣現代詩歌). This event was co-organized by the TAP project at Trier university, the Association for Taiwanese Literature (臺灣文學學會) and the Center for Chinese Studies (漢學研究中心).
Xiang Yang is the most influential Taiwanese poet who devotes himself to preserve the Taiwanese cultural heritage and the use of Taiwanese language in poetry. In the event, he presented his works and offered a comprehensive background of the literary movement in Taiwan, sharing with the audience the most significant poetry of the time. After Xiang Yang's presentation, there was a vivid discussion and he received positive feedback for his insightful presentation.

Poster der Veranstaltung
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