Funding criteria for OA articles in gold OA journals

The publication fund supports an article’s open access first publication in gold OA journals.

Trier University’s Open Access Publication Fund will reimburse publication fees if the following requirements are met:

Requirements for authors

  • The publication must have been produced while the author was employed at Trier University. At the time of application, the applicant is employed as a researcher at Trier University and is responsible for paying the publication fees as the author.
  • Authors who publish results from third-party funded projects confirm that the project does not provide any publication funds to cover publication fees.

Requirementsfor journals

  • The selected journal makes all articles available free of charge via the internet immediately after publication. The so-called “genuine” open access journals with strict quality criteria are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.
  • Publications in “hybrid” journals, which make individual articles available under the “open choice” subscription model, are not eligible for funding.

Requirements for the publications

  • The article has already been accepted for publication in a genuine open access journal.
  • Publication fees of up to 1,400 euros per article (incl. VAT) are covered in full. If the total exceeds 1,400 euros, the authors’ budgetary and third-party funds (e.g., funds from the state, funds from the departments) must cover the difference.
  • Qualifying theses are not funded.
  • Publication financing is contingent upon the author receiving no private income from a publication fully or partially supported by university funds or dedicating all this income to the university.
  • The publication will be republished on the university’s institutional repository as soon as it is available.
  • The funded publication includes a reference to the funding from Trier University’s Open Access Publication Fund and the DFG (Funding Acknowledgement): “The publication was funded / supported by the Open Access Fund of Universität Trier and by the German Research Foundation (DFG)”.

Last updated: 21.04.2023

Please direct any queries to openaccessuni-trierde

To apply: Please complete both forms and send them to openaccessuni-trierde absenden.

  1. Web-Form
  2. Application for Payment of Publication Fees (PDF)