Membership in the Open Library of Humanities (OLH)

The OLH is both a gold open access journal platform and an interdisciplinary mega-journal for the humanities. The journals and publications are not financed via the so-called Article Processing Charges (APCs) but via the collective contributions of OLH members. The researchers incur no costs, neither for reading access to the journals nor publishing.

One of the OLH’s primary goals is to continuously transform subscription-based journals into gold open access journals whose publications are freely accessible online as soon as they are published. All journals employ a peer review procedure. The scientists retain the rights to their publications and can define the terms of use for the public by granting a free license. In addition to shifting journals to the OLH’s technical platform, it is also possible to cooperate with the existing publisher, use their technological infrastructure, and receive funding for open access publications from OLH.

For further information, please send your inquiry to openaccessuni-trierde