Information on submitting theses at Trier University

Since the summer semester of 1999, Trier University Library has offered doctoral candidates the opportunity to publish their dissertations/postdoctoral theses in full text online. Online publication can occur as part of the doctoral regulations’ “compulsory publication” requirement or as a voluntary additional service supplied by the doctoral candidates. This service has been available as part of the OPUS online publication server program developed in Stuttgart since May 2004. There are no additional costs involved.

The respective faculty’s regulations can be found in the doctoral regulations, or you can obtain information from the dean’s secretariat or the University Library’s Exchange and Dissertation Office: monosuni-trierde, Tel. 2483, Library Center Room BZ 141.


For electronic publication, you will require the following documents:

The dissertation/habilitation has been formatted into PDF file format. Your dissertation/habilitation will be uploaded in full text PDF format online.
You can upload the text from your computer to the OPUS server using the OPUS registration form. The file size limit is 120 MB. For larger files, please get in touch with us. When using the university logo, please follow the guidelines in the Corporate Design Manual.

As dissertation and habilitation theses are also saved on the German National Library’s (DNB) long-term archival system, the PDF document should always be available in an unprotected and unencrypted version. Protected PDF versions are not suitable for long-term archiving.

The OPUS registraton form collects half-page abstracts in German and English, which are published alongside the dissertation/habilitation. The registration form also asks for subject indexing data to make it easier to find your work online.

It is still necessary to submit bound printed copies on acid-free and age-resistant paper. The printed copies must be bound with an adhesive binding; ring stitching or spiral binding are prohibited. The number of printed copies varies depending on the doctoral regulations – if none are specified, please submit six copies.

By completing and signing the dissertation form, you confirm the work’s authenticity as a university-approved dissertation and grant the library permission to publish it on the WWW. You can print this form or obtain it from the University Library’s Exchange and Dissertation Office (see below for contact information).

All required documents should be submitted to the University Library’s Exchange and Dissertation Office: monosuni-trierde, Tel. 2483, Library Center Room BZ 141.

The next step is notifying the relevant dean ’s office of the dissertation’s publication. The dissertation will be included in TRiCAT and accessible online through North Rhine-Westphalia University’s Library Center server. Furthermore, every electronic dissertation and habilitation thesis is also stored on computers at the DNB in Frankfurt am Main, which is responsible for the long-term archiving of electronic documents.

The indexing of your work in the Digital Library (Digibib), which accompanies registration in OPUS, creates further access to your data. Thus, the largest possible number of potentially interested parties can use your data.


If you publish your document using Opus, you have to select a license for your document. By choosing a license, you decide under which conditions the document you have published may be used. The following links will provide you with information regarding the license conditions:


Contact: opusuni-trierde