Neuerscheinungen IRTG:

The first volume of the IRTG Diversity’s publication series, the essay collection Of ‘Contact Zones’ and ‘Liminal Spaces’: Mapping the Everyday Life of Cultural Translation (Lehmkuhl, Lüsebrink, McFalls, eds.) was published with Waxmann (Münster / New York) in 2015. The book is based on the IRTG Diversity’s 2014 lecture series and represents the work of the IRTG Diversity in many ways: The lecture series was an example of true transatlantic scholarly dialogue, with talks being given on either side of the Atlantic, streamed live to Trier, Montréal and Saarbrücken, and discussed in videoconferences. The contributors include renowned scholars from various fields such as sociology, literary studies, geocriticism, and anthropology. The book features essays in the IRTG’s three official languages, English, French, and German. Finally, Of ‘Contact Zones’ and ‘Liminal Spaces’ includes a short introductory text on the IRTG Diversity’s general research agenda and research objectives.

The second volume, Spaces of Difference: Conflicts and Cohabitation, based on the IRTG Diversity’s International Conference in Montréal (2014), has just been published in February 2016. Spaces of Difference discusses the construction of transcultural spaces and the representation and negotiation of diversity through the analytical lenses of narratives, practices and politics of diversity. The multi-disciplinary contributions to this volume address four broader research fields: (1) the entangled and contested (hi)stories of diversity; (2) migration and the creation of transcultural spaces; (3) practices and politics of belonging; and (4) the dynamics of confrontation and cohabitation in spaces of difference. The research presented in this volume combines approaches from history, political science, sociology, migration studies and literature.



Verleihung eines Förderpreises für den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs durch die Industrie- und Handelskammer Trier im Rahmen des Dies Academicus am 25.11.2015 an der Universität Trier an Dr. Hanno Scheerer für seine herausragende Dissertation "Settlers, Surveyors, Speculators, and the State: Struggles for Control over Land in Ohio's Virginia Military District, 1776 - 1810" (2014). Die Dissertation wurde von Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehmkuhl (Trier) als Erstgutachterin betreut. Das Bild zeigt Frau Prof. Lehmkuhl und Dr. Scheerer im Anschluss an die Preisverleihung.