Application and funding procedure

  1. Please check whether all eligibility criteria for cost coverage by Trier University’s Publication Fund are met.
  2. Please use the online form to apply for payment of publication fees exclusively.
  3. Before the arrival of the publisher’s invoice, we must have received the application. 
  4. The University Library will update you on whether you can expect to be reimbursed.
  5. Please forward the publisher’s invoice promptly. The invoice should be made out to the following address: 

    Billing Address
    Universität Trier
    Universitätsbibliothek Trier
    Elektronische Medien, Frau S. Stemmler
    Universitätsring 15
    D-54296 Trier  

    The invoice should include the VAT number of Trier University (VAT: DE 149881695) and the VAT number of the publisher. Foreign invoices (from EU and non-EU countries) must declare the invoice amount without VAT.
  6. The University Library will settle the publisher’s bill on your behalf.
  7. Please send us the entire article, including bibliographic information such as volume, page number, or DOI (Digital Object Identifier), as soon as it is published.
  8. The University Library promotes the funded publication through various channels. 
  9. As part of the OpenAPC initiative, payments from the publication fund are made publicly available as open data.

Please direct any queries to openaccessuni-trierde

To apply: Please complete both forms and send them to openaccessuni-trierde.

  1. Web-Form
  2. Application for Payment of Publication Fees (PDF)