International Library Loan: Informations for foreign libraries

Our catalogue contains records for over 2,4 million books, journals and other materials: TRiCAT

We accept orders for international library loan by e-mail: fernleiheuni-trierde

Please note that we need a single request for every order of a book or article.

The loan period for books is 4 weeks.  

 There is a charge for every order:

  • loan of one book: 1 full IFLA Voucher (Europe), 2 full IFLA Vouchers (Overseas) 
  • copies of one article: 1 full IFLA Voucher (Europe), 2 full IFLA Vouchers (Overseas)

If you are sending IFLA vouchers, please make sure that we are able to assign the vouchers to your order.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.