Neu erschienen: Beyond transnationalism: Mapping the spatial contours of political activism in Europe’s long 1970s

Special Issue: European Review of History: Revue européenne d'histoire (Vol 29, No 3, 2022), hg. von Sonja Levsen und Kiran Patel


Beyond Transnationalism. Mapping the Contours of Political Activism in Europe's Long 1970s, Special Issue, European Review of History / Revue européenne d'histoire 29.3 (2022), hg. von Sonja Levsen und Kiran Patel



Sonja Levsen & Kiran Klaus Patel: Imagined transnationalism? Mapping transnational spaces of political activism in Europe’s long 1970s (Pages: 371-390)

David Spreen: Signal strength excellent in West Germany: Radio Tirana, European Maoist internationalism and its disintegration in the global seventies (Pages: 391-416)

Eva Oberloskamp: Ambiguities of transnationalism: social opposition to the civil use of nuclear power in the United Kingdom and in West Germany during the 1970s (Pages: 417-451)

Monika Baar: Seeking inclusion through redefining expertise: the changing spatial contours of disability activism in the long 1970s (Pages: 452-468)

Kostis Kornetis: Rebel code? The transnational imaginary of ‘armed struggle’ in the fall of Southern European dictatorships (Pages: 469-498)

Kevin O’Sullivan: Aidland in South Asia: humanitarian crisis and the contours of the global aid industry in the long 1970s (Pages: 499-519)

Pablo del Hierro: ‘From Brest to Bucharest’: Neofascist transnational networks during the long 1970s (Pages: 520-547)

Kiran Klaus Patel & Sonja Levsen: The spatial contours of transnational activism: conceptual implications and the road forward (Pages: 548-561)

Book Review: A Polish woman’s experiences in World War II: conflict, deportation and exile by Irena Protassewicz (edited by Hubert Zawadzki with Meg Knott and translated by Hubert Zawadzki), London, Bloomsbury Academic, 2019, xxxv + 257 pp., £90 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-3500-7992-2 (Samantha K. Knapton) (Pages: 562-563)

Book Review: Israelpolitik: German–Israeli relations, 1949–69 by Lorena De Vita, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2020, 256 pp., £80.00 (hardback), ISBN 9781526147813 (Daniel Marwecki) (Pages: 563-565)

Book Review: Anger: the conflicted history of an emotion by Barbara H. Rosenwein, New Haven, Yale University Press, 2020, xiii + 224 pp., £20 (hardback), ISBN 9780300221428 (Abigail Greenall) (Pages: 565-567)


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