Neu erschienen: Bevernage/Raphael: Professional Historians in Public

TitelProfessional Historians in Public
UntertitelOld and New Roles Revisited
UrheberBevernage, Berber (Herausgegeben von) / Raphael, Lutz (Herausgegeben von)
VerlagDe Gruyter Oldenbourg
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ReiheThe Politics of Historical Thinking, Band: 5



The past decades public interest in history is booming. This creates new opportunities but also challenges for professional historians. This book asks how historians deal with changing public demands for history and how these affect their professional practices, values and identities. The volume offers a great variety of detailed studies of cases where historians have applied their expertise outside the academic sphere. With contributions focusing on Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and Europe the book has a broad geographical scope.

Subdivided in five sections, the book starts with a critical look back on some historians who broke with mainstream academic positions by combining their professional activities with an explicit political partisanship or social engagement. The second section focusses on the challenges historians are confronted with when entering the court room or more generally exposing their expertise to legal frameworks. The third section focuses on the effects of policy driven demands as well as direct political interventions and regulations on the historical profession. A fourth section looks at the challenges and opportunities related to the rise of new digital media. Finally several authors offer their view on normative standards that may help to better respond to new demands and to define role models for publicly engaged historians.

This book aims at historians and other academics interested in public uses of history.



Berber Bevernage, Ghent University, Belgium; Lutz Raphael, University of Trier, Germany.