English Studies


  • Dr. Klaus Gottheiner
    (Acting curator) Collection development, subject cataloguing and special bibliographic consultancy
    Room BZ 132, Phone: 0651-201-2460
  • Eva Geibert
    Book processing, descriptive cataloguing and related advice
    Room BZ BZ 118, Tel. 0651-201-4914
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Department of English Studies
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Research guide for English studies

How and where do I start? This research guide (pdf) (German version here) offers first steps into literature search.

Our acquisitions on Twitter

Supplemental to our acquisition shelf in the library center, we also offer the possibility to inform about acquisitions of the different subjects via Twitter. Follow the English studies at: http://twitter.com/UBT_Anglistik

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Dr. Gabriele Schwalbach, Dr. Markus Werz 
Open Access representatives, Trier University Library 
Campus 1, Library center 
E-Mail: openaccessuni-trierde  

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