Habilitation at Faculty VI

If you are interested in a habilitation at Faculty VI, please note the currently valid habilitation regulations and address any questions directly to the Dean's Office (dekfb6uni-trierde).


Currently ongoing habilitation procedures

Dr. Hans Wolfgang Wagner

Subject of the habilitation thesis: "Rohstoffgeologie des Dachschiefers"

Lecture and colloquium: 10th November 2021 on the topic "Geologie von Trier und Umgebung im Fokus neuerer Forschungen"

The public lecture is still in the planning stage.


W1-professorship at Faculty VI

JProf. Dr. Julia Affolderbach, Department Spatial development and planning processes

JProf. Dr. Henrik Krehenwinkel, Department Biogeography

JProf. Dr. Tobias Schütz, Department Hydrology

JProf. Dr. Michael Mießner, Department Economic Geography

JProf. Dr. David Frantz, Department Geoinformatics - Spatial Data Science