Information on excursions for 2021

Due to ongoing restrictions as part of the Corona Pandemic response, there is no guarantee that all scheduled excursions can be held during the 2021 summer semester. However, in the case that excursions must be cancelled, students who register for one of the excursions and who are unable to postpone their participation to the following year due to their pending graduation date, will have the option to take advantage of one of the following substitutes. Students whose length of study will not be extended due to deferral to the following year are advised to defer the planned excursion to the following academic year.


Substitutions will be coordinated by individual excursion leaders and will take one of the following forms:

  1. Excursions within Germany will be replaced by an appropriate number of day excursions
  2. Excursions within Germany or other major excursions will be replaced by an applied or fieldwork-oriented substitution program
  3. Major excursions can be replaced by two excursions within Germany
  4. In exceptional cases, students may replace excursions within Germany or major excursion with a course (no double enrollment), e.g., the Geography of the Islamic Arab World module offered in January 2021


Last Updated: 19.11.2020