Doctoral Procedure in Faculty VI

A doctorate proves the doctoral student’s ability to recognise and critically comment on subject-related scientific problems. The Faculty VI of the University of Trier awards doctorates for the "Doctor of Natural Sciences" (Dr. rer. nat.) and the "Doctor of Philosophy" (Dr. phil.). The doctoral examination consists of the dissertation (cumulative or dissertation thesis) and the scientific debate (disputation/discussion). In the case of cumulative dissertations, at least three original scientific papers must be written. Of these, at least two, one of which must be first-authored, must have been published or accepted for publication. At least a third original paper must have been submitted for publication.

As a rule, the prerequisite for a doctorate is a degree completed with at least the overall grade "good" at a German university or a equivalent foreign university.

This includes the following degrees:

  • Master's degree
  • State examination
  • Diploma examination
  • First state examination for the teaching profession at grammar schools
  • Academic final examination (M.A.)

The topic of the dissertation must originate from one of the subjects of Faculty VI.

Acceptance for Doctoral Studies

A supervision agreement should be settled between the doctoral candidate and the supervisor for the preparation of the dissertation. This contains two parts:

Part 1, which is also the registration form for doctoral candidate

Part 2, Further agreements on supervision.

You can find these forms here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

A handout prepared by the Graduate Centre of the University can be found here.

Please complete the supervision agreement in full together with your supervisor. Then please submit the supervision agreement with the following proofs (copies) to the Dean's Office of Faculty VI:

  • University degree certificate that qualifies you for doctoral studies (e.g. Master's degree, Magister, ...)
  • Certificate of higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur)

Doctoral students are free to enrol as doctoral students at the University of Trier. Please send your enquiry to the Registrar's Office. In order to enrol in a doctoral programme of Faculty VI, you must submit to the Registrar's Office, among other things, Part 1 of the Supervision Agreement ("Registration Form for Doctoral Students") signed by the Dean's Office.

You can find the data protection declaration for the supervision agreement here.

Opening of the Doctoral Procedure

The application to open the doctoral procedure must be submitted in writing to the Dean's Office.
If you wish to open your doctoral procedure, please ensure that you have submitted all documents (incl. dissertation) to the Dean's Office for examination, no later than two weeks before the respective meeting of the Departmental Council.
In addition to your application, please also submit a list of suggestions that includes all members (incl. chairperson and minute taker) of the doctoral committee. To ensure that all listed members have been informed, we only accept a list signed by all members.

Please use this checklist as a guide when compiling your documents.
In order to apply for the opening, you must include proof of deposit of the doctoral fee.

According to § 13 of the doctoral degree regulations of Faculty VI, the dissertation must be published within three years, in the form approved by the examiners.

The current and previous doctoral degree regulations of Faculty VI can be found under Regulations of the University of Trier.

Contact person

If you have any questions or issues relevant to your doctoral studies, the doctoral representatives of Department VI will be happy to assist you at any time: