Faculty VI "Regional and Environmental Sciences" - based on Campus 2 - features a broad geographical and bio-geoscientific range of subjects (one professorship subjects). In doing so the faculty's profile points out the potential and the development concepts of faculty VI in the context of the University's profiling.

The faculty gave itself a new faculty structure in 2016.

Please follow the links below for direct access to the individual professorships.

Degrees overview

According to a successful accreditation (2012) Faculty VI offers the following consecutive Bachelor and Master degrees.

The comprehensive range of studies covers both fundamental Bachelor courses for beginning students as well as advanced Master courses. On the basis of the comprehensive offer of courses, these Master courses allow setting thematic priorities of studies. The curricula of all degrees feature interdisciplinarycompulsory subject choices.  

The following links give you access to the content of the various courses of study.

Here you can find quick access to the module handbooks, module plans as well as exam regulations of the Bachelor and Master courses of Faculty VI respectively.

Please also consider the general information from the Hochschulprüfungsamt (examination office).  

40 years of historical development

You can find additional information about the development of Faculty VI – Regional and Environmental Sciences – with its involved subjects here. In view of a 40 year old development…