Identity and identity politics – The Russian-Ukrainian conflict

13.05.2022 10:00–14.05.2022 18:00
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Workshop | Seminar

Kurzfristiges Lehrangebot aus aktuellem Anlass

Kurzfristiges Lehrangebot aus aktuellem Anlass


“Identity and identity politics – The Russian-Ukrainian conflict”

Workshop an 2 Wochenenden: 13.-14.05.2022 (Raum: DM 131) und 20.-21.5.2022 (HS 7) jeweils 10-18 Uhr
This course offers us the opportunity to engage in a dialogue about how a totalitarian regime affects a person in the modern world. How are protest movements created and suppressed? What happens to a person's self-awareness when she survives but has lost her homeland and social affiliations? How do propaganda and hate speech work? In this course we use the scientific lens of social anthropology and anthropological approaches to exploring social and cultural identity in order to answer these and many other questions to deepen our understanding of contemporary cultural processes.

Language of teaching: English

volume of academic work (hours): 30

Lecturer: Dr. Daria A. Vasileva (St. Petersburg)

ECTS Points: 5

Anmeldung unter: PORTA 12451639 in der Gruppe „Blockseminar“

Kontakt für Rückfragen: Marina Jordanowa-Etteldorf, M.A.
Universität Trier  FB II – Slavistik
Tel.: 49-651-201-3239
Mail: jordanowuni-trierde

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  • 20.05.2022 10:00–21.05.2022 18:00
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