Applicants with Bachelor from India

Formal admission requirements

In order to fulfil the formal admission requirements for admission to a master course at Trier University, applicants who have completed a Bachelor in India must provide all of the following documents by the end of the respective application deadline (usually May 31st for winter semester / January 15th for  summer semester):

  • proof of English language proficiency (MOI or similar is not sufficient)
  • proof of payment of the evaluation fee (Uni Assist report or payment slip of APS is not sufficient)
  • APS certificate (APS application form is not sufficient)
  • Certificate of completed 4-year Bachelor course including final transcript showing all 8 semesters and a final passing grade
  • If a 3-year specialised or Honours Bachelor course has been completed, you must in addition show proof of (at least) 1 year successful Master course - hand in Bachelor certificate, Bachelor transcript and transcript of at least 2 semesters at Master level

If only a 3-year Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts (without any specialisation) has been completed, no admission can be granted.

Admissions office checks all documents. If one of the above listed proofs is missing, the application will not be processed.


Subject related requirements

Once the formal admission requirements have been met, the application is forwarded to the respective examination board for the check on the faculty requirements:

  • if applicable, check if the cumulative GPA meets the minimum grade required for the respective master course
  • check of individual transcript based on examination rules for the respective master course
  • if applicable: check of motivational letter