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Incomings Students: How to find your courses from Trier University and to fill out the Learning Agreement

Finding courses in the course catalogue PORTA

Identify the courses you will take in the course catalogue (PORTA) without registration:
Please note that courses for the winter semester won´t be listed until beginning of July . If you need to complete your Learning agreement before that date, please see courses from the previous winter semester as a reference. The course offer will be quite similar.


ECTS credits

As ECTS credits for single courses are not displayed in PORTA, see the departments/subjects websites for more detailed course information also. If needed, you can also contact the ECTS-Coordinators for additional advice. A semester workload is 30 ECTS at Trier University, but you are allowed to decide yourself on how many courses to take (if there are no regulations for this made by your home university!). You will have the chance to add and/or dropp courses during the first weeks of the lecture period (by filling out the Learning Agreement – part 2).

Filling out the Learning Agreement

Please note that the Learning Agreement is signed by the relevant departmental coordinators at Trier University and not by the International Office. Please send us (morgenstuni-trierde) your Learning Agreement signed by you and your home university well before the deadline that you need it back signed (if there is such a deadline at your home university). Please do not send your Learning Agreements to departmental coordinators directly.

Please note that receiving a signed Learning Agreement does not mean that you are enrolled to the courses you have choosen there. Course enrollement will be done during the Orientation programme (or, if you do not attend, during the first weeks of class).

Exams at the end of the semester

Examinations for exchange students usually take place during the last weeks of the lecture period (but eventually also during the first 1-2 weeks after the lecture period). Please wait to know the dates of all exams before planning your journey home. If your change your mobiliy period, you have to apply for „changing of the mobility period“ – 4 weeks before the agreed end of your mobility at the latest via email (morgenstuni-trierde).