Counselling for students and lecturers/staff

We are available  to help students and lecturers answer any questions they may have about studying with a disability, chronic or mental illness.  Topics may include:

  • Advice on applying for exam accomodations for reasons related to the medical issue
  • Support with semester planning
  • Information about the possibility to suspend one or two semesters, e.g. if a hospital stay is pending
  • Help with organising your studies

Nathalie Beßler, M.A.,
Counsellor for students with disabilites 
Tel. 0651 201 3149,

Dr. Frank Meyer
Tel. 0651 201 4205,

Many students with illness or disability have no difficulties in their studies. However, our counselling service is available to you in any case, even if you only need some information. Don't wait until you are at the end of your rope to take advantage of our counselling service. Come see us before things get too bad, as we are always here for you.

Other resources on campus that offer support and help :  all links available in German only