Organising your studies

Here you will find the information and contacts that may be helpful during your studies. The above-mentioned contacts will provide support that will help enable you to achieve your goal of successfully completing your studies.  

This support includes information on applying, the admission process, enrolment, financing your studies, re-registration, a leave of absence, changing your programme, changing universities, examinations and more.

Terms commonly used at Trier University (from A-Z)

When planning your studies and during your time at Trier University, you will come across many unique terms, whose meanings are unfamiliar. You might find yourself asking - What is the TUNIKA? Or the TUKAN? How is the semester fee broken down, when is the semester fee due and who pays tuition fees? To what extent can subject examination regulations and module descriptions help you plan and successfully complete your own studies?

Further information

Application and admission, re-registration, leave of absence, changing your programme, exmatriculation

Transition BA - MA

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the Registrar’s Office (Stusek).

Quality assurance during your studies

Trier University is committed to providing all students with a high quality and successful course of study. Quality assurance not only concern the university as a whole, but also all students throughout their university studies. Perhaps you have already asked yourself the question whether you can influence "good teaching", whether your opinion is taken into account, provide feedback, or how you can further your studies?