Starting your Career

Are you about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and are considering whether you want to enter the workforce or continue your studies? Would you like to know more about the occupational fields that are open to you with your course of study, your degree? The end of your studies is approaching, and you are looking for advice and information on starting a career and applying for a job?

Things to know about the transition from university to work

I need my degree certificate for the application. How and where do I apply for it?

The bachelor’s or master’s degree certificate is issued by the University Examination Office. The Examinations Office of Faculty V is responsible for law degree programmes.
Information on graduation documents

Do I have to de-register as soon as I have found my first job after graduation?

You can actively de-register, but you do not have to. If you have not yet completed all your exams and degree requirements, note that you must be enrolled at Trier University to be able to write exams. If you have completed your studies and have passed all examinations and received your degree, you cannot enrol in the following semester in the same degree programme. At this point, you can enrol in a different degree programme (e.g. a Master's degree after the Bachelor's degree or a doctorate after the Master's degree) - or start your career. If you do not choose de-register during the semester, at the end of the semester, the Registrar's Office will ex officio de-register you from the degree programme for which you received your degree.

Normally, it is advised to remain enrolled until the end of the semester in which you have completed your degree even if you plan to start your career. This way, you will retain your student status until 31 March (winter semester) or 30 September (summer semester) of that year. At this point, you can plan and start your career entry. If you need to be de-registered at an earlier date, you can also initiate de-registration yourself by actively requesting it - with immediate effect, at a specific time or at the end of the semester.

I have an offer for a full-time position, but I haven't finished my studies yet. How do I proceed?

Trier University does not check to what extent you are working, i.e. legally there is no obstacle to being enrolled and working full-time at the same time. However, bear in mind that under these conditions your degree could be at risk, i.e. you should only choose such a solution if you can foresee that the outstanding work for your degree is manageable and can be completed in a timely manner. Otherwise, you may jeopardise your degree or it will become a distant prospect. As soon as you are employed for more than 20 hours per week and are subject to social insurance contributions, your health insurance company will contact you, as you will then have to insure yourself as an employee.

Can I continue my studies at a later time if I want/need to work?

The examination results you have achieved remain valid, even if you are no longer enrolled. If you want to continue your studies at a later point in time, you can have these achievements recognised when you enrol and thus have yourself placed in a higher subject semester in order to continue your studies.

Please note, however, that degree programmes evolve. This means that the degree programme may no longer exist in the old format, or new examination regulations may apply when a new student enrols, or the degree programme may have evolved in such a way that only some of the examination results can be recognised. In addition, in degree programmes with NC (restricted admission), enrolment above the standard period of study is not possible. For this reason, it makes sense to take this step after a period of study such as the successfully completed bachelor’s degree. Otherwise, an interruption in the current study programme can lead to problems.

Job offers

You have successfully completed your studies and are now looking for job offers to enter the professional world?

In cooperation with the company Job Teaser, we offer a portal where students can find out (free of charge) about companies, career events and workshops, internships, job advertisements and more, and get career guidance.