To do after Registration

Starting at university can feel like stepping into the unknown, but there is no need to worry.
By reading through all relevant topics in the list below, you can ensure start at the University goes smoothly.

  • Join ►Orientation Seminar "QUICK START" for all international degree seeking students
  • How do you get to the University? Your student ID is also a ►bus and train ticket
  • Read through everything you need to Access University's ►IT facilities
  • Do you commute to the university or are you looking for an ►apartment in Trier
  • Try to compile your timetable with the help of our tips to plan your studies 
  • As you start your studies, you will hear many new terms and acronyms that may be confusing but in time will become second nature. Find out which they are with ►Uni-ABC
  • Join us at the ►Welcome Events on campus

When do the lectures start?

Summer semester starts on the 1st October. Lectures start on 23.10.