Form Research to starting up

Research and innovation often go hand in hand. Therefore, the Research Department of Trier University and the Start-up Service (Gründungsbüro) are jointly searching for ideas and discoveries from research and science.

If you have developed ideas in your research or discovered possibilities that solve concrete problems, facilitate work processes, or advance society, we look forward to hearing from you. You can reach the team of the Start-up Service at Campus 1, Im Treff 23. Please make an appointment (ideenwerkstattuni-trierde), so we can allow enough time for your ideas. We treat all ideas confidentially and do not pass on any information. We are happy to discuss implementation and funding options in person and offer networking and free qualification.

Send us an email or visit us!

Wortwolke: Gründungs, Spinoff, Chefin sein, Technologietransfer usw.