Each semester, in order to continue the studies in the following semester, students need to already pay the semester fee for the upcoming semester. The semester fee can differ from the previous semester, therefore make sure to check the current amount on this webpage at the start of the re-registration phase.

Students who do not re-register within the deadline will be de-registered automatically after the deadline. Therefore make sure to re-register on time and do not delay to the last possible day!

Please consider the information below. If you have further questions, please contact the Admissions Office.

Re-registration | deadlines

Winter Semester: June, 15 until September, 15
Sommer Semester: January, 15 until March, 15


Re-registration | How to pay?

Payment at the TUKAN machine

If you hold a EC card (with a PIN!) you can pay the  Semesterfee at the TUKAN-machine.


  • Do not load the amount on the student ID card (TUNIKA )!
  • Immediately after payment of the semester fee at the Tukan you may validate your student ID card (print the new semester dates) at the validation machine (not at the Tukan!)

Payment via bank transfer

In any case the payment can be executed via bank transfer:


  • Recipient: Landeshochschulkasse Mainz
  • Adresse: Universität Trier, Universitätsring 15, 54296 Trier
  • IBAN (account): DE 22 5451 0067 0228 1556 76
  • Reference: your Student ID, last name and first name.  Without this information the matching of the payment to your student account is not possible!
  • In order to re-register within the deadline, the amount has to be credited onto the account of Trier University by the last day. Initiate the tranfer several days before end of the deadline, as also online banking may take several days to actually credit the amount onto our account. Also take into consideration possible bank charges. Only after the receipt of the transfer amount, you can validate your student ID card in the validation machine (not the TUKAN!).

Re-registration | FAQ

I hand in my thesis / sit for my last exam in this semester. Do I need to / can I re-register for the next semester?


You may re-register,

  • if you handed in your thesis / sat for the last exam but the grades have not yet been entered in PORTA. In this case transfer the semester fee as you always did and validate your student ID card.
  • but you do not have to re-register! If you only wait for your grades you may de-register after you handed in your thesis / sat for your last exam. Please leave your contact information with the examination office so they can contact you for your grades. If you really failed the last exam / paper you will in most cases still be able to re-enrol.

You may not re-register,

  • if your final grades have already been entered in PORTA. In this case you will automatically be de-registered at the end of the semester or you may hand in the request for Withdrawal from your studies if you wish to withdraw to an ealier date.