Semester fees (Re-registration) | General information

Every semester, students who wish to continue their studies must pay the semester fee and thus re-register.

The amount of the semester fee is determined prior to the beginning of the respective re-registration and posted online.

Contact the Registrar's Office for more information.

Students who do not re-register or do not re-register on time will be withdrawn from their studies.

We recommend that students do not wait until the last day to re-register but rather to register as early as possible. As well, we suggest that students re-register during the opening hours of the Registrar’s Office in case they have any questions.

Re-registration | Deadlines

Winter semester: 15 June to 15 September
Summer semester: 15 January to 15 March

Semester fees (Re-registration) | How to pay?

The best way to pay the semester fee is by using your EC card (that is PIN enabled!) at the TUKAN machine. Following payment at the TUKAN, you can immediately validate your TUNIKA.


  • Do not load the amount onto the TUNIKA!
  • If you pay the semester fee by a bank transfer, please enter all data carefully and completely (you will find the matriculation/student ID number on your student ID card) so that the incoming payment can be assigned to your student account.
  • If you transfer the money via the bank, please bear in mind that it can take up to 10 days between your transfer and our receipt of payment! Validation of the TUNIKA is only possible after receipt of payment.

Semester fees (Re-registration) | Account details

The easiest way to pay the semester fee is cashless (with EC or credit card) via a TUKAN machine.

If you prefer a bank transfer for re-registration, you can find the account details here. Remember to state your matriculation/student ID number and which semester (winter/summer year) for which you wish to re-register! Otherwise, it will not be possible to allocate the contribution to your student account!

Recipient:Landeshochschulkasse Mainz

Trier University
Universitätsring 15
54296 Trier

IBAN:DE 22 5451 0067 0228 1556 76
Reason for payment:<matriculation/student ID number> + <semester>

Semester fees | Composition of semester fee

The breakdown of the semester fee shown below is for students already enrolled.

The semester fee is composed as follows:

Wintersemester 2023/24 
General social contribution

109,00 Euro

Student Union fee

16,00 Euro

Semesterticket (bus/train pass)

155,44 Euro


280,44 Euro

Re-registration | Further information

Re-registration within the framework of a study programme in the Südwestverbund

Students who are enrolled at Trier University within the framework of the Südwestverbund must also re-register once a semester and transfer the amount of the Südwestverbund semester fee.

→ More information on re-registration within the framework of the Südwestverbund.

Re-registration within the framework of a course of study via the University of the Greater Region (UniGR)

In order to re-register at Trier University within the framework of the UniGR student status, a certificate of enrolment from the home university for the following semester must be submitted. Please send the certificate by email to the relevant advisor in the Registrar's Office.

→ Further information is available on the UniGR homepage.

Re-registration within the framework of a “Doppelstudium (Bachelor / Master)” - enrolment in both bachelor’s and master’s degree course

Students already enrolled for the master's programme in their last bachelor's semester should note a few things when re-registering.

→ More information on re-registration in the context of a dual enrolment (Bachelor/Master)

FAQs on re-registration

I am handing in my Bachelor thesis this semester, can / do I have to re-register for the next semester?

You have to re-register

  • If the Bachelor's thesis is not your last examination, but there are still other examinations pending that you will not take until the following semester.


You can re-register

  • If the Bachelor's thesis is your last examination and you have not yet received your transcript in this semester. To re-register, you transfer your semester fee as usual and validate your TUNIKA.
  • You do not have to re-register, however, as you have completed all your examinations and do not have to be enrolled while you wait for your degree certificate. In the event you fail an examination, in most cases you can be re-enrolled to repeat the examination.

Ex. 1: You hand in your Bachelor's thesis as your last examination on 10.03. The winter semester ends on 31.03. The winter semester ends on 31.03. The re-registration deadline for the summer semester ends on 15.03. You can re-register for the following summer semester because you have not yet received your BA certificate.


You cannot re-register

  • If you have completed all the examinations for your Bachelor's degree and have received your Bachelor's degree certificate. You will be de-registered at the end of the semester or you can choose to withdraw from the university at an earlier point in time.

Ex. 2: You hand in your Bachelor's thesis as your last examination at the beginning of the winter semester. Your professor grades the thesis and sends the grades to the Examination Office, which issues your degree certificate at the beginning of January. You can no longer re-register for the following summer semester for the Bachelor's degree; you will be blocked as you have your (completed) Bachelor's degree. Only if you are planning to pursue a Master's degree, for example, can you re-register or re-enrol for this.



  • You remain enrolled until the end of the semester in which your Bachelor's degree certificate is issued (and you collect it). Ultimately, it depends on when you hand in your Bachelor's thesis, when it is graded and which examinations are still open in addition to the Bachelor's thesis, whether you can re-register for the following semester. This means that you have a certain amount of control over when you (have to) give up your student status.
  • Questions? The Registrar's Office is responsible for re-registration and de-registration.