Individual Support for International Ph.D Students

In cooperation with the Graduate Centre and the Equal Opportunity Office of Trier University, the International Office provides a wide range of individual support for international Ph.D students, including teaching assistantships, individual writing assistance, scholarships for the completion of your dissertation and a career planning program for female academics. Check out our flyer for an overview of the different options that help you develop your Ph.D!


Individual Writing Assistance

Writing your Ph.D in German can be particularly challenging. Therefore, we offer individual writing assistance for international Ph.D students whose native language is not German. International Ph.D students form a pair with a German native speaker, who will then assist with the correction of the dissertation draft. This furthermore helps to improve your language skills and helps to avoid delays due to time-intensive linguistic revisions and corrections. The individual writing assistance is offered jointly by the International Office and the International Graduate Centre and is financed with funds from the STIBET programme by the DAAD.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching-assistantships allow excellent international PhD students to gain teaching experience at Trier University. The scholars have the opportunity to assist their supervisors or other professors with a lecture. Alternatively, they can also offer tutorials for German and/or international students. The teaching-assistanceships are granted jointly by the International Office and the International Graduate Centre and are financed with funds from the STIBET programme by the DAAD.

Scholarships for the Completion of the Ph.D

The primary objective of a scholarship for the completion of the dissertation is to financially support international Ph.D students in the final stage of their doctoral degree. By providing financial support during this intensive phase of the dissertation, the scholarships allow Ph.D students to focus on the completion of their dissertation only. The scholarships are granted jointly by the International Office and the Graduate Centre of Trier University and are financed by funds from the DAAD dissertation aid.

Mentoring – Career Planning for Female Academics

The mentoring programme Career Planning for Female Doctoral Candidates offers a formalized platform for the exchange of experience in the domain of individual career development. The programme addresses female academics who would like to actively shape their career, who would like to explore and exploit their resources and who are interested in exchanging perspective and new impulses. Female academics from abroad are also welcome to apply for the mentoring programme.

The core element of this programme is a one-to-one mentoring relationship with a person, who has extensive experience in the fields of academia, science management, economy, administration, politics, etc. The modular structure of this programme comprises the mentoring relationship, professional training measures (usually in German) and opportunities for networking.