Change of studies (subject or degree programme)

What is a change of studies (change of subject or degree programme)?

  • You want to change your core subject or a major or minor subject. (Please note that for some bachelor's degree programmes it is only possible to transfer in the winter semester).

  • You want to change your degree (B.A./Sc. ⇔ B.Ed. or B.A./Sc. ⇒ M.A./Sc.). See also the information on being dually enrolled in Bachelor's/Master's.

  • You want to add a third teaching subject (additional teaching subject).

  • You want to add a second degree programme.

Please contact the Admissions Office in case of any questions.

Change of studies | Deadlines

The deadline for changing your subject / programme in an (open) unrestricted admission programme is 30 September for the winter semester and 31 March for the summer semester.

If you plan to transfer to a restricted admission programme, then you need to submit an application via PORTA before 15 July for the winter semester and before 15 January for the summer semester. More information on the process see the FAQs below.

Change of studies | What do I need to do?

  • Before changing your course of study, you must re-register for the upcoming semester (in your “old" programme/subject).
  • You fill out the application for a change of degree programme, sign it and submit to the Admissions Office in Building V during opening hours or outside of opening hours the form can be dropped in the Admissions Office post box.
  • In some cases, further documents may be required. More information regarding the requirements can be found further down on this page. Please note that the application can only be processed if all the required documents have been submitted.


Change of studies | Required documents

You want to change your field of study

If you want to change to a subject / programme which is not related to your current field of study...


... you do not need to hand in further documents.


  • Proof of language für the subjects Latin or Greek
  • Letter of admission of the Theologische Fakultät for the subject Katholi­sche Religionslehre / Katholische Theologie (Tel. 0651/201-3520)

Finishing the Bachelor at Trier University within the current semester

You want to change to a consecutive Master programme and already finished your Bachelor degree.


Then you need

  • the proof of completion of the Bachelor and possibly proof of other admission requirements according the Master examination rules like minimum grade or language requirements.Examination Rules (German only)

Note: The Bachelor has to show as completed in PORTA. Otherwise, if for example you already sat for the last exam or handed in the last paper, but the results are not yet shown in PORTA, you can request to change into the Doppelstudium (German only, as all Bachelor programmes are German taught)



If you want to change from a Bachelor to a consecutive Master programme but have not yet finished the Bachelor (dually enrolled: Doppelstudium Bachelor-Master)... need to hand in the following documents:

  • transcript of records showing a minimum of 150 credits and your current average grade. Please print the document via PORTA (pdf) as it contains all necessary information, for example to check if the minimum grade is met. 
  • Other proofs, like language requirements, according the master examination rules.
    Examination Rules (German only)
  • Note also the following link to the dual enrolment website (German only, as all Bachelor programmes are German taught):

Change of studies | FAQ

You want to change to a restriced admission programme?

If you want to change to a restricted admission programme... first have to apply within the deadlines via PORTA.

Being a student at Trier University you need to follow these steps:

  1. log into your student account in PORTA, then file a new application under the application module
  2. If you plan to apply to the first semester of a restriced admission Bachelor programme you also need to register at

Only when you receive admission for the application, may you ask for a change of studies.

Should I apply as late as possible for a change in studies?

No, as soon as you can re-register for the following semester, you can also hand in the request for a change in studies.

We recommend to hand in the request to change the subject as early as possible so the change in studies is reflected in PORTA hopefully before the end of the registration period for specific modules. If it does not work out and registration via PORTA is no longer possible for certain modules you should contact the professor directly and ask if there is still room available. You may also want to talk to the departmental academic advisors to have a smooth start in your new programme Departmental Academic Advisors.