Application - PhD (Doctoral Studies)

In order to start a PhD you do not need to apply to Trier University as you need to do in order to enrol to a Bachelor or Master course

In depth information on how to start a PhD at the University of Trier can be found

You do not have to enrol as a PhD student, but you can. If you wish to enrol as a PhD student hand in all necessary documents to the Admissions Office (apply online).

You do not have to adhere any deadlines when enrolling as a PhD student - enrolling is possible at any time during the semester. However, if you chose to enrol only 2 days before the end of the semester, you will still need to pay the complete semester fee for the current semester.


The following documents are needed in order to enrol:

  • enrolment form (please ask at the admissions office) or, during official application period, place an online application in our portal PORTA
  • request to change the studies (Studiengangänderung), in case you already are enrolled at the Trier University.

in addion .pdf scans of:

  • registration confirmation by the Dean's Office (Betreuungsvereinbarung)
  • your:
    • University Entrance Certificate including Transcript of Records 
    • Bachelor and Master Certificate including Transcript of Records
  • proof of language skills for PhD Students
  • your passport
  • photo for the student ID card (a photo as it is used in the passport)
  • payment transfer confirmation (semester fee & evaluation fee)

All school/University documents must be translated by a sworn translator into either German or English.


If you are planing to enrol as a guest scholar (research stay as part of your PhD) and hand in your dissertation at your home University - you may enrol for a maximum of 2 semesters "without graduation" . To do this you also need to hand in the above documents, except the registration confirmation by the Dean'sOffice (Betreuungsvereinbarung). In addition, you need to hand in:

  • acceptance letter by a supervisor from Trier University (Betreuungszusage)
  • matriculation certificate (phd student status) from your home university or confirmation letter (of phd studies) from your supervisor at your home university (not older than 1 year)


Please be aware that your application will only be considered if all documents are complete. If you have any questions regarding any of the documents, we thus strongly advice you to contact the Admissions office before you hand in your application.